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Wedding Band Engraving

Wedding Band Engraving

Titanium Ring Engraving

With the price of gold going up, the biggest question is, "Can we engrave titanium or the other harder metal rings?" The answer is, "Yes, we can!" All the harder metals do leave a lighter engraving on the ring but will last forever. On softer metals, like gold or silver, the engraving will start to wear over time on the ring.

We Can Engrave Designs on Rings Too

Many couples have a design or a logo they use to represent their wedding. We can digitize your artwork and engrave it into your wedding band. If you want to make your wedding bands even more precious—then bring them in for engraving. The cost to digitize your design is $25.00. The price for engraving each ring is an additional $5.00.

What to Engrave on Your Rings?

The most popular thing to engrave inside a ring is the couple's first name (with or without the wedding date). Some couples use initials instead. Others engrave short sayings that show their love for each other such as, I love you—You are my sunshine—I choose you—Now & Forever—You're the One—Forever my love—and Amor. Create your own special little message and let us engrave it!

Can All Wedding Bands Be Engraved?

The perfect ring for engraving is a circular one that is symmetrical in shape. Surprisingly, not all rings fit this shape. The more non-circular the ring, the less likely we can engrave it.

Some jewelers will solder the engagement ring to the wedding band. We need to engrave your wedding band before it is soldered together. If you are wondering if your wedding bands can be engraved, contact us today. We would love to engrave your rings to make your special day even more exceptional.

Bring or ship your wedding band to us for engraving

If you live in Southeast Michigan, we are worth the trip!
Visit us in our Plymouth store or send us information about the product you would like engraved.

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Thanks for the fast delivery and beautiful work. It turned out perfect and I know my sister is going to love it. Happy Weekend!

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We received it Thursday....it was gorgeous. Exactly what we wanted!! Thank you. I will do business again in the future.

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Thanks for your prompt service. I certainly will keep you in mind in the future.

I just received my order and I am VERY impressed and satisfied with the results. Wow, you exceeded my expectations. I am so happy, and I will definitely use you for any future orders. Thank you!

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I received my desk name plate. It is beautiful! Thank you for your patience in getting it the way I wanted it.

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