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Flask Engraving

Flask Flask

Pewter, stainless steel, or chrome-plated; the tradition of engraving a flask for yourself or a friend continues to this day. The most common thing to engrave is the receiver's first name or initials. We often engrave a date of remembrance on the back or underneath the name. If you want us to engrave a long, meaningful message, look for a plain flask with no designs in it, as many only have a small area available, limiting what we can do.

  • Pewter Flask Engraving: These flasks usually come in a shiny or satin finish. Both engrave well. Pewter is a softer metal and we can engrave deep into the metal giving excellent results.

  • Stainless Steel Flask Engraving: Flasks made from stainless steel tend to be more durable and have better price points. The neat thing about this metal type is that it allows for some unique designs to be created. (For example, we carry one that is both a cigar holder and a flask. Another is shaped round with a glass center so you can check if you are getting low. The possibilities are endless.)

  • Chrome Plated Flask Engraving: Flasks made from chrome plating are usually a traditional shape and style like those made from pewter. However, pewter metal is soft, while chrome is not. Its protective coating and shiny luster really stand the test of time.

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Cigar Flask with Engraving

Cigar Flask Combo

It looks like it holds two cigars, but one side is a flask. Impress your friends with this unique cigar holder and flask in one. Engraved name and date included.

Cigarette Flask

Cigarette Flask

Say it is not true. You can take care of two vices with one purchase! This standard size flask is adorned with a separate compartment that holds cigarettes. A limited quantity is available. Name engraved included.

Design Flask

Stainless Steel Design Flask

On this flask, the design frames the engraving area. There is room for a short first name or initials. Flask holds 6 oz. of precious cargo. Name or initials engraved for FREE.

Black Leather Flask

Black Leather Flask

This stately black flask fits nicely into your pocket for easy access and holds 6 oz. of enjoyment with each fill-up. FREE name and date engraving included.

Hot Pink Flask

Hot Pink Flask

This flask may be too hot to handle. Only the bravest can flash this flask. Impress your friends with this 6 oz. of joy! Name and date engraved for FREE.

Pink Flask

Pink Flask

So, hot pink is a little too flashy. You will do just fine with this pink flask! Holds 6 oz. of liquid enjoyment. Name and date engraved for FREE.

Lime Green Flask

Pink is not your thing. We have a solution—a lime green flask. Admit it—you want one. Yes, it holds 6 oz. of any special beverage of your choice! FREE name and date engraved.

Lime Green Flask


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