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Office Sign Engraving

Office Going to the Dogs

Desk name plates, wall name plates, and door name plates are common office signs that will enhance your workplace. With all signs, we laser engrave them to boost the lettering in the laminated plastic. If you have a corporate logo with a lot of detail, we can reproduce it perfectly. Our plastic laminate comes in a multitude of color combinations to fit the color schemes of your office.

It may seem like your office is going to the dogs, but with new business signage, your problems will be solved.

Desk Name Plate Holder

Desk Name Plate Signs

We carry a full line of desk name plates that will fit your office decor. From traditional to modern office styles, our signs will meet your needs. Company logos, names, and titles are the usual details we engrave on desk name plates.

Office Cubical Signs

Wall Name Plate Signs

Also, we do directional signs to direct visitors around your office.

Our wall name plate signs can match your desk name plates. The wall name plates come with holders, so you can easily change the name plate without disturbing the wall. To help identify office cubicles, wall name plates are a great addition.

We also make directional signs to help visitors locate special areas within your office.

Door Sign

Door Name Plate Signs

Is your office putting up signs with masking tape? It may be time to add or upgrade your office signage. We engrave door name plates for offices, cubicles, maintenance rooms, conference rooms, and bathrooms—whatever your needs may be.

You can't afford to have an employee guessing what's behind a door. Having a name plate sign is a much less expensive solution.

Executive Desk Name Plate

Executive Name Plate Signs

Does your corporate office need a boost in desk name plates? We carry a line of marble, crystal, and rosewood desk name plates. If you want to enhance the image of your office, we're your source! Even the president of the United States has an executive desk name plate—you should too.

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Sign Holders

Most offices need to have sign holders to frame the engraved signs. It adds a lot of class at a minimal increase in price. Contact us to learn more information.

Bring or ship your office sign to us for engraving

If you live in Southeast Michigan, we are worth the trip!
Visit us in our Plymouth store or send us information about the product you would like engraved.

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