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Hammer Engraving

Hammer Engraved

It is amazing the number of hammers we engrave. One story is about an attorney in the office who, when business was down, always said, "I should've been a carpenter!" The other attorneys got tired of hearing this every so often. They went out and bought a hammer and brought it to our store. We engraved, "I should've been a carpenter". The very next time those words were spoken, guess what the attorney was presented with. It was a big hit. Bring your hammer or other construction tool and have it engraved.

Hammer Engraved

Handle Engraving

Here is another hammer we engraved on the handle. It reads, "Presented to Dave “The Hammer” Brown. From the men of Second Saturdays of Service". They painted the head gold.

What creative construction tool do you have in mind for a gift?

Bring or ship your hammer to us for engraving

If you live in Southeast Michigan, we are worth the trip!
Visit us in our Plymouth store or send us information about the product you would like engraved.

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Great product, we love it! Thank you! Regards,

Laura Economos
Arlington, VA

I received my desk name plate. It is beautiful! Thank you for your patience in getting it the way I wanted it.

Donna Enriquez
Los Angeles, CA

I just received my order and I am VERY impressed and satisfied with the results. Wow, you exceeded my expectations. I am so happy, and I will definitely use you for any future orders. Thank you!

Sean Bridgett
Redding, CA

Thank you very much for great service. I am keeping your address and phone on file for future us.

Brad Bender
Salem, OR

Thank you so much for this accommodation in the order change. I really appreciate it and will not forget it. Best Regards,