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Baby Cup Engraving

Baby Cup

The most common metals for engraving baby cups are pewter, silverplate, and sterling silver. With the price of silver going up so much, silverplate and pewter are becoming more popular. We like the pewter baby cups because they do not tarnish, and we can get some depth to the engraving as pewter is softer than silver.

How We Engrave Baby Cups

We use a process call diamond dragging to engrave baby cups. Most babies are right-handed, so as they hold the cup, the engravement will face away from the child and be visible to those watching the baby. Most people want the baby's name and birthday engraved. For the name, we usually engrave the first name or first and middle name. Very seldom do we do first, middle and last name. It is usually too long, and the engraving starts wrapping around the cup. We always want to make the name as large as possible. For the date, you have two choices for engraving—engrave the date under the name or on the opposite side. Most times we engrave the name and date on the same side.

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Reed and Barton Baby Cup

865 Child Cup by Reed and Barton

Holds 6 oz. We have been engraving this classic for 30 years. Silverplated.

$70.00 with name and date engraved
766 Beaded Reed and Barton Baby Cup

766 Beaded Reed and Barton Baby Cup

Holds 4 oz. We engrave below the bead design (usually name and date). Silverplated.

$70.00 with name and date engraved

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