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I just received my order and I am VERY impressed and satisfied with the results.  Wow, you exceeded my expectations.  I am so happy, and I will definitely use you for any future orders.  Thank you!

Sean Bridgett
Redding, CA

We received it Thursday....it was gorgeous.  Exactly what we wanted!!  Thank you. 
I will do business again in the future.

Michael Lu
Houston, TX

Great product, we love it!  Thank you!

Laura Economos
Arlington, VA

I received my desk name plate.  It is beautiful! Thank you for your patience in getting it the way I wanted it.

Donna Enriquez
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for the fast delivery and beautiful work. It turned out perfect and I know my sister is going to love it.  Happy Weekend!

Jaimey Wilman
Elk Grove Villoage, IL

Thanks for your prompt service. I certainly will keep you in mind in the future.

 Richard Gref

Thank you very much for great service.  I am keeping your address and phone on file for future us. 

Brad Bender
Salem, OR

Thank you so much for this accommodation in the order change. I really appreciate it and will not forget it.
Best Regards,

Stephen Polland

Thank you for everything. I will definitely use you again and always recommend you.

Pam Charen
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Engraving Nuggets Newsletter
Engraving Nuggets Newsletter

November 2011

Christmas Ornaments Engraved

We carry crystal, glass and metal Christmas ornaments and tChristmas Ornament with Photohey all can be personalized to make the perfect Christmas Gift. One of the unique things we can do is engrave photos on the crystal and glass ornaments. Imagine having your child's photo engraved into a crystal ornament. It will be charished for years to come. Just click
Crystal Christmas Ornaments on the menu to the left.

We have all sorts of Christmas Themes of ornaments to choose from - 1 Christmas to Little Puppies to choose from. For the best selection, come visit our store. Store Hours are Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 6 PM and Saturaday 10 AM to 5 PM. The last week before Christmas, we will be staying later to get everything done.


Christmas Gifts - Make It Special - Engrave it!

You're looking for the perfect Christmas Gift. What better way is their than having it engraved. now it truly is a specfial gift that will be treasured forever.

What can we engrave?

Terry (my wife) and the Woodchuck

Wood ChuckIn life there are some aggravations, for Terry, it is a woodchuck that has made residence under our screened-in porch for the last couple of years. It is amazing how the woodchuck keeps winning. We have used a live trap several times. The first time we caught the beast, we set it free a couple blocks from our house only for it to reappear a week or so latter. The next time we caught it, we put it and the cage in the back of the car and drove for miles finding the perfect wooded area to release the animal. That was last summer. This summer guess who reappeared, not only the wood chuck, but baby wood chucks, a possum and a raccoon. Terry thinks the wood chuck is renting out space under the porch. We caught the possum and sent it a long ways away, but the wood chuck was now wise to the live trap. All types of bait just didn't work any more.

Terry found old bricks to put around the screen in porch, these were just toys to be pushed around by the woodchuck. Larger bricks were purchased to no avail. Rags with ammonia were used, moth balls - nothing worked.

About a month ago, Terry spotted the woodchuck standing on it hind legs just out from underneath the porch sunning it self. Terry gave it the evil eye. The woodchuck just stared back. Terry called me over to the stare down. And eventually, the rodent went under the porch.

This was the final straw; the porch now has two feet of concrete poured all the way around with bricks cemented on top. The Wood Chuck won some battles, but Terry won the war! I now have a happy wife!


Engraving Connection is honored at the Penn Theater auditorium dedication

Penn Theater PhotoPlymouth's local movie theater came to us to help with the renovation of this classic movie house. For donations, they have engraving plates that go on the new seats of the theater. We went to work on the job engraving hundreds of plates. Wednesday, August 3rd, I attended the remodeling dedication and watched "Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House" a 1948 classic movie with Cary Grant. It was a fun filled evening and another $40,000 was raised for a new digital projector. If you get a chance, see a movie at the Penn and catch dinner at one of our fine restaurants

Special Engraving Offer - Guarantee Engraving Before Christmas

We Guarantee we will engrave your Gifts or merchandise purchased at our store and have it engraved before Christmas. Most orders ready the Next Business Day!

Expires Thursday 12-22-2011 at 6:15 PM

Bring or Ship your Engraving Work to Us

If you live in Southeast Michigan, we are worth the trip. Please check out to the left directions from different communities near Plymouth, Michigan.

Here is a Plymouth map to find our store.

Map of Engraving Connection

Exit I-275 at Ann Arbor Road. Go West on Ann Arbor Road three traffic lights and turn right on Main Street. The store is on the right side just a short distance. Look for the green awning and turn in the drive just before the store.


If you are not in Southeastern Michigan, it is OK to ship your engraving job to us. Make sure you include: what you want engraved, your name, address, phone number and email address. We will contact you with a quote and suggestions for engraving. Once you approve the order we will ask you for a credit card.

Shipping Note: Make sure your engraving job is well padded! We don't want any damage to your precious merchandise.

Amazing Guarantee

We will take tender loving care of your engraving job and turn around in a timely manner.

If you decide not to have us do your engraving job, after shipping to us, we will return it to you at our expense. No hard feelings. You are in charge.

The address to ship your order to us is:

Engraving Connection
1205 S. Main St.
Plymouth, MI 48170

If you want to ship your engraving order to us, please fill out the form below. This way we will know your order is coming and your information will already be entered into our production system.

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